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To the casual observer, it might appear that nothing much has been happening at Front Room Songs for a very long time but, thankfully, nothing could be further from truth. It’s just that I am much better at organising and hosting front room gigs than I am at blogging.

Since the last post back in May, we rounded off the first half of the year’s music with a stunning show from folk-pop maestro Lail Arad in June. Lail gave us a tantalising glimpse of what’s to come on her new album (due out ‘sometime next year’) including a beautiful rendition of her single 1934, an ode to her musical hero Leonard Cohen.

After Lail’s show, we took a break over the summer to prepare for our very first Front Room Festival. Held on a beautiful day on beautiful farm in Surrey, what started as a jokey conversation with a friend was finally realised after 10 months of hard work by a dedicated team of incredible people.

From the bouncy castles and two-seater space hoppers to the amazing performances from an outstanding line up that included Gabby Young and Other Animals, Revere, Theo Bard and Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra, it is hard to put into words what a magical day this was. We could not have asked for a warmer or more enthusiastic audience, who fully embraced the spirit of the day. We are all still basking in the warm glow of happy memories, and have already begun planning for next year.

Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra

Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra © Bertie Bosredon

And as a final footnote to that glorious day, something very special happened as a result. I have teamed up with the fabulously talented Theo Bard as his manager. Theo has been entertaining audiences across London in the most beautiful and intimate music spots, singing his own unique brand of urban folk. His expert picking on the guitar, bold beats and uplifting lyrics combine to make a sound that is both timeless and contemporary, reflecting the diversity of his beloved London. It is a huge honour to be on this journey with Theo as he takes his music to ever greater heights. We have lots of exciting plans, so expect to hear much more from him in the coming months.

See you back in the Front Room soon!

Katie x


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