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Front Rooms Songs Acts to Play English Folk Expo

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English Folk ExpoThree artists from the Front Room Songs roster have been selected to showcase at this year’s Manchester Folk Festival, which runs in tandem with the English Folk Expo.

Nina Harries, The Nightjar and Young Waters will all play over the course of the conference and festival, which takes place between the 19th and 22nd October in Manchester.

English Folk Expo is a platform for the world’s music industry to experience the wealth of English folk music talent, showcasing a new generation of young, daring and skilled artists alongside iconic artists, some of whom first took to the stage in the original folk revival of the 1960s,

Manchester Folk Festival is an urban folk festival that puts a spotlight on English folk, in all its guises. With its roots firmly in the traditions of the past, it has its has its eyes on the future. The festival line up includes some of the biggest names in the industry alongside the stars of the future. Performances will take place across the stages of HOME and nearby venues, including Bridgewater Hall, Gorilla, The Ritz.

Details of performance for Nina Harries, The Nightjar and Young Waters to follow.



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