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As a teenager in secondary school, I was well known among my teachers for expansive and effusive apologies for my predictable failure to deliver essays on time. I always meant to do them, just somehow there was always something more exciting to DO. It seems that some things will never change, and there is no point in pretending that this blog will ever be updated on time!

Since my last post back in January, we have played host to no less than five incredible musical acts, more if you include the very brilliant Christmas show we had with the inimitable Felix Hagan and the Family, with support from Franky and the Jacks and Theo Bard.

Since then, we’ve had visits from former Puppini Sister Stephanie O’Brien, a very welcome return from Theo Bard, this time with virtuoso violinist Max Baillie in tow. Max was back again in April with solo show, keeping us spellbound with a set comprising Bach pieces for viola and violin, interspersed with his own folk tales set to violin.

In March we had a visit from Nashville band Woody Pines. I’ve been a big fan of these guys for a very long time, so to host them was a pretty big treat for me, and they didn’t disappoint!

We have just three more shows before we take a break for the summer and throw ourselves into our festival planning. Front Room on the Farm 2015 is on its way and the line up is looking sweet! Message me if you’d like some details of how to come along.

In amongst all of this, I have been hard at work with Theo. He’s been on the road in Belgium and Germany and is currently on a ten date UK tour. We’ve both been nose to the grindstone getting ready for his EP launch this Autumn and I cannot wait for the day we can share his new record with you. It’s sounding awesome and I’m incredibly proud to be helping Theo get it out there.


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