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Front Room on the Farm 2015

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Front Room on the Farm 2015

Front Room on the Farm 2015

Having officially waved goodbye to the world of salaried employment to concentrate on music projects full time (‘funemployment‘), I finally have some time to turn my energy to our sophomore festival, Front Room on the Farm 2015. Our first event was such a beautiful, special and magical day, it is hard to imagine how we will top it, but we have dug deep and produced another incredible line up of very special musicians that we know and love.

To keep it fresh I vowed to have no repeat performers, but have permitted myself just one indulgence in bringing back Mr Theo Bard. He was instrumental to the success of last year’s event, and has since played a significant role in my momentous career change. How could I not invite him back?

We have lots of other firm Front Room favourites on the line up, not least the very brilliantly bonkers Felix Hagan and Family. This will be their THIRD visit to the farm, no less, and I don’t think it will be long before they are playing much bigger stages than ours!

Elsewhere on our line up we have Manchester’s finest ethio-trad, folk-hop band, the stonkingly good Honeyfeet; the mesmerising Brooke Sharkey with her ever more narrative songs with their spacious backdrop of chanson, blues, folk and Latin music; original rag and bones jazz blues folk tunes from Whiskey Moon Face; and Screamin’ Miss Jackson and the Slap Ya Mama Big Band, offering their very own take on the New Orleans street sound with elements of Country, Skiffle, Jazz, Western Swing all mixed up together. More names to come soon!

As always, this is a private event, but you are welcome to get in touch if you think you’d like to come. Email me through this site for more information.


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